In our work together we are reliable partners and take responsibility for our actions. We embrace partnership with external partners and with each other. It goes without saying that we help one another.


Reliability and Honesty

Our cooperation is based on trust. Dignity and respect in dealing with others is a matter of course for us.


Tradition & Willingness to Change

As a family business, our decisions are long-term oriented. At the same time, we actively shape our future to achieve optimum performance in terms of technology and processes. We are open to innovation.


Focus on Success and Motivation

Mistakes can and may happen. What is important to us is to recognise, communicate, learn from these and avoid mistakes in the future. We actively address problems.



Cleanliness and proper order in the workplace are the basis for precise and high quality work. This is important to us.



We endeavour to support our customers in products and processes with quality, adherence to delivery dates, reliability and cost awareness.



In our energy and material intensive industry, we rethink our actions in order to avoid wastefulness as much as possible, to avoid scrap. Regional partners are also important to us for this reason.