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Here you can have a "private" inside view of our daily work. We let you participate in the large and small innovations and developments in our company.



March 2023

Elektrodenfertigung 24/7

Round table of the VDWF with Hubert Aiwanger

Toolmakers in dialog with the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger.

As a representative of the industry, our Managing Director Sabine Kellermann was also on site in Fürth. An important and targeted meeting in which political measures to strengthen our industry were discussed. Mold making has a key position in our industry and is immensely important for the location!

However, the increasing energy costs, delays in digitalization and the excessively long order financing have already made it difficult for these mostly owner-run companies to compete internationally.

-> Press release from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy




October 2022

Elektrodenfertigung 24/7

WZB Colloquium - Panel discussion

Represented by our managing director, we actively participated in the panel discussion on the subject of "Acting in the context of current crises" as part of the 21st International Colloquium "Toolmaking with a Future".

The focus was on holistic solutions through toolmaking - Sustainable, digital and networked. Sustainability in production is one of the most important issues of the future.

A matter that has concerned us for a very long time and on which we have already actively addressed a number of points.  

The colloquium itself was held under the motto "Toolmaking at the turning point", the current challenges of the industry were discussed through presentations by toolmaking experts and solution impulses from research and industry were presented.




May 2022

Electrode production 24/7

Electrode production 24/7

Our electrode production has been running 24/7 for some time now.

Together with Moldino we have now worked on the tool life of our milling tools and an even better surface quality. We are very satisfied with the result!

We are also happy to offer contract manufacturing of your electrodes on our machines. Additionally, we are your partner in graphite machining.




March 2022

2nd Japan meets Germany

2nd German meets Japan Meeting

The subject of climate-neutral mould building and sustainability has been a concern of ours for many years. As participants in the 2nd online meeting of the member companies of the JaDMA, VDMA and VDWF associations, we presented the measures taken thus far.


The path to climate neutrality in the manufacturing industry shows many opportunities, and despite country-specific obstacles, we will continue on this path. - Because every step counts...



February 2022

We have invested in our IT hardware

Despite the possibility of a remote office, we also want our on-site workplaces to remain attractive.


We have invested in our IT hardware here to ensure that both conventional office and home-based workplaces have top-quality equipment and a pleasant working atmosphere.





November 2021


Already in spring 2021, the FDWF - Research Foundation for Tool and Mold Making was called into being. The aim is to initiate research projects especially for the tool and mould building industry and to give SMEs access to pre-competitive research.

As one of 25 founding members, we are proud that the FDWF has been accepted as the 100th member of the AiF.

We are excited to see how our shared journey will continue!




July 2021

Re-Zertifizierung unseres Managementsystems nach EN ISO 9001:2015

Especially in times of contact restrictions and working from home, it is important to keep the quality system up to date and to adapt it to the changing conditions.


We successfully completed our re-certification of our management system according to EN ISO 9001:2015 in July. You can download the new certificate in thedownload area.




November 2020

Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau

Since this year, we have also been actively involved in the Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau. The industry-specific company comparison is an important tool for us in making decisions for the future direction of the company.


The individual report with special recommendations for action also gives us another perspective on our own company figures.




Juli 2020

50 Jahre Formenbau Kellermann

50-Years of Formenbau Kellermann - an anniversary we would have loved to celebrate with our friends and business partners.


Unfortunately, this was not possible due to official regulations. Nevertheless, we are proud and pleased to have been able to accompany you on the market for so many years. In all these years, it was especially the personal contact that was very important to us - we hope this will soon be possible again!




July 2020

markt und mittelstand formenbau kellermannFor us as a production company, sustainability and a respectful use of our resources is a very important mission.

For this reason, we have taken care to achieve a high level of energy efficiency in our office and production building and to take into account the flow of recyclable materials.
A number of points have been very convincing here and were included in a report by the magazine "Markt und Mittelstand".




December 2019

kellermann formenbau 2019 instagram#formenbau_kellermann

We are now also present on Instagram. Here you can follow our activities even more closely and quickly - we'll also share with you our little side stories.

Follow us and get to know us even better.





October 2019

kellermann formenbau 2019 fraesstrategie detailContinuous improvement

Milling was and is a core competence for us. As our slogan states - manufacturing competence for your products.
But we can always learn more - and this together with the best. That is why we are happy to have MMC Hitachi as a super partner at our side. Together we are constantly improving our milling strategies and the tools we use - with the aim of achieving an efficient and high-quality result with very stable processes. Thank you – here’s to our success together!




August 2019

25th Anniversary25th Anniversary

We would like to thank 2 employees for 25 years of continuous commitment, reliability and loyalty. We are proud of the path we have taken together and the knowledge we have built up in the process. The next challenges are already awaiting us - together we will continue to contribute to the future.






May 2019

kellermann formenbau 2019 moulding expo detailMoulding expo

For four eventful days we were privileged to present our company as exhibitor at the Moulding expo in Stuttgart. We thank our business partners for the numerous visits and the many interesting and exciting discussions. The industry is changing rapidly - this also creates opportunities to adjust one’s own strategy. We also presented our extended service range at the fair.

If you are interested, please contact us - we would be happy to support you in all areas - from feasibility studies and tool optimization of third-party tools to training your maintenance staff.




March 2019

Formenbau kellermann fwThe consulting and service around injection moulds is becoming more and more important for us. Therefore, we have again invested in analysis methods and now also offer motion analyses within the framework of tooling concepts. With this additional software tool we can virtually see into the mould while all demoulding movements are simulated.

But not only in the service sector - we have also improved our internal quality assurance. Here we have integrated the measurement of the components on the respective processing machine into our processes as an additional work step.Read more



February 2019

kellermann formenbau kochkurs2detailTeambuilding Event - cooking class

Our success is only possible thanks to our strong team of motivated and committed employees who convince through their professional know-how! In order for this team to continue to enjoy the challenges of the future, it also takes a bit of a change now and then. A joint cooking event at the cooking school Petitfour has inspired us all and shown completely new talents.

It was a great evening - thanks to everyone who was inspired!



February 2019

fbkjstgpdmsAlso this year, our company has been nominated for the "Grand Prix of the Medium-Sized Enterprises".

The prize, awarded by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation, recognizes companies that embody a culture of self-employment according to the motto "Healthy SMEs - Strong Economy - More Jobs" and also wants to promote respect for and recognition of entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurial virtues.

Based on five competition criteria, the company is evaluated in its entirety and at the same time in its role within society.



January 2019

Formenbau kellermann ausbildungsplatz forme deine zukunft detailShape your Future     

The promotion of youth is very important to us - therefore, our focus is on the training and education of future skilled workers.
We have further open training positions to fill for 2019 – so apply now!





 October 2018

Formenbau kellermann filmaufnahmen detailMEX2019       

In May 2019, we will also be represented at the VDWF joint booth at the Moulding Expo 2019.

To be able to optimally present our wide range of services there, we will again be accompanied by the film team from W.M. Photofabrik GmbH and B-FLOW | Hahn und Klemen GbR. We are already excited ... .




 September 2018

Formenbau kellermann gesellenpruefung detailTop in the Class – Fabian Leikam     

We congratulate our former apprentice Mr. Leikam on his exceptional success in passing the apprenticeship examinations. Because of his outstanding achievements, he was honored by the Chamber of Trade as Best in the Class.
We are very proud of his achievement!




June 2018

Formenbau Kellermann Oskar Patzelt Stiftung JurystufeShaping the future      

Also in 2018, we have been nominated for the jury stage for the Oskar Patzelt Foundation's Award for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Here, not only are technical excellence and innovation evaluated, but above all soft skills, such as social commitment and especially the in-company training and further education as well as the quality and safety of the jobs.

The certificate was formally presented on the occasion of the award ceremony at the Nymphenburg Palace. Assistant State Secretary of Bavaria, Dr. Bruckner, congratulated us, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, olympic champion in ski jumping Dieter Thoma and Mr. Josef Kainz, Director of the Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich. We are proud to have made it to the jury stage from among 4,917 companies nominated nationwide. Now we are looking forward to September 15, 2018, when the finalists and winners will be announced!


May 2018

formenbau kellermann werkzeugbau 2050 detailForm+Tool 03/2018

The podium discussion at the Meusburger Tool and Mould Making Days aroused great interest in the industry.
The magazine Form+Tool 03/2018 has with it summarized the different statements in an article.





April 2018

formenbau kellermann fcn business fanclub detailFCN Business Fan Club       

Since this past season we have been a member of the 1st FCN Business Fan Club. Why? We are proud of our region; we feel connected to tradition and to trade crafts which bring us together. We support our young talent – vocational training is very important to us! Not just at the workplace, but also in shared experiences, for example at The Club. There are many clubs but only “one club” - the same applies to us - there are many toolmakers but ....



March 2018

formenbau kellermann citan detailA new look in mobility

hen it comes to particularly urgent service assignments, we have purchased a new Mercedes Citan.
When you see it on the street - then you know: we are on the road for our customers.
Maintenance of our tools, process optimization directly at your site!




Februar 2018

formenbau kellermann werkzeugbau detailWhere is mould building in the future?
Meusburger Tool and Mould Building Days (22-23 March 2018)

350 visitors attended the industry event in Bregenz, which was held under the motto Toolmaking of the Future.
In addition to numerous lectures, a highly interesting trade exhibition, there was also enough time for networking.


We could present our ideas of what distinguishes the toolmaker of the day after tomorrow, in the course of a very interesting panel discussion - moderated by Susanne Schröder (Form + Tool)

Discussion partners:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Seul (Schmalkalden University, Futurologist Dr. Ulrich Eberl, Martin Putz (Oculavis), Mario Haidlmair (GF Haidlmair Mouldmaking), Andreas Sutter (Division Manager WBI), Sabine Kellermann (Formenbau Kellermann)

A super successful, highly interesting event - we look forward to the next time!


January 2018

kellermann gmbh postbauer heng grosser preis des mittelstandes nominierungOur company has been nominated for the  "Großen Preis des Mittelstandes" this year again.

The Oskar Patzelt Foundation Award recognizes companies which, according to the motto "healthy medium-sized enterprises - strong economy - more jobs”, embody a culture of independence, and also aim to promote respect and recognition of entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurial virtues.

On the basis of the competition’sfive criteria, the company is assessed as a whole and also in its role in society.



Aus 295 Werkzeugbau-Unternehmen wird am 11. November im Rahmen von „Excellence in Production“ der Werkzeugbau des Jahres gekürt. Wir gratulieren dem Gesamtsieger: dem Werkzeugbau der Audi AG!

Die „Formenbau Kellermann GmbH“ kann sich auch dieses Jahr wieder unter den Top 20 der besten Werkzeugmacher platzieren. In unserer Kategorie „Externer Werkzeugbau unter 50 Mitarbeiter“ erreichen wir einen großartigen 5. Platz.

Wir sind sehr stolz auf diese Platzierung in einem hochrangigen Teilnehmerfeld und danken vor allem unseren exzellenten Mitarbeitern zu dieser Teamleistung!


Oktober 2017

kellermann formenbau postbauerheng aktuelles lehrlinge 2017Our Team of Apprentices is again complete:

Tobias Barten and Alexander Franz began their apprenticeships as precision mechanics in tool making in September. We give them a hearty welcome to our company and wish them much success and fun while learning!






September 2017

kellermann formenbau werkzeug und formenbauMatthias Marx, who is responsible for the area of eroding, explained the advantages of our new HSC milling machine with automation to the editors of „Werkzeug & Formenbau“. This made for a very good article about our manufacturing philosophy and the advantages of our Machine Park.


read more



August 2017

kellermann formenbau postbauerheng aktuelles exeron316xxl prevRetrofit our new/old eroding machine for large parts – the Exeron 316 XXL is once again ready and operational! The machine underwent a complete overhaul and with a new control system and new generators and is now even faster and more efficient. In the course of the reintroduction, the machine was also integrated into our automation and into the Job-Management-System from Certa. This means that the area of electrode production and eroding is now 100% automated. A sincere thank you to all the companies which contributed their support - above all to the companies Mauersberger and Schneider, and of course to Exeron and Erowa!



June 2017

kellermann formenbau moulding expo 2017 prevThe Moulding Expo in Stuttgart has again opened its doors from 30 May to 02 June 2017. As an important trade fair for tooling and mould building, all well-known mould builders and suppliers are represented here.  In 2017, for the first time Formenbau Kellermann GmbH is represented at the shared stand with VDWF. A complete success – numerous repeat customers as well as new contacts have visited us and placed the cornerstones for future cooperation in interesting discussions.

You have made our first exhibition a very successful event for us – thank you for your visit!



May 2017

kellermann formenbau jurystufe grosser preis des mittelstandes 2017For the third time, we have made the finals on the jury’s list for the "Midsized Business Award for Social Responsibility". Out of the 4,923 nominees, 839 companies have entered the next round for this prestigious award. Now it is just a matter of crossing our fingers - in September the award winners are to be announced. This award is considered to be Germany's most important economic prize and is awarded to outstanding medium-sized companies because of their social commitment and attractive work positions and healthy growth.




February 2017

Neue Gesellen 2017Vocational training is one of the most important cornerstones for the firm’s future direction. That is why we are very proud of our 4 former apprentices for the successful conclusion of their apprenticeships. We would like to congratulate all of you on having successfully passed your official trade exams and welcome you each as a journeyman in the company divisions of eroding, milling and assembly.





November 2016

kellermann formenbau preisverleihung excellence in production 2016p

In 2016, we once again met the competition with the Best in the Industry and we are very pleased to have a shared 2nd place in our category. Among the 279 participants from well-known tooling companies, we were able to score with our convincing concept and uncompromising customer orientation. The tooling manufacturer Phönix Contact GmbH & Co KG was able to set itself apart as the overall winner - We congratulate them on this achievement!

All finalists are already counted as the best tool builders in the German-speaking countries. They have proven themselves in a tough competitive environment. The judges make evaluations along the entire process chain for the technological performance as well as the financial, organizational and strategic aspects of the company. An expert team also visited the company on site and was personally able to experience for themselves the company’s performance and efficiency. Only then did the jury nominate the twelve best companies for the finals.



September 2016

kellermann formenbau lehrlinge 2016 pWe give a warm welcome to Mathias Lehmeier and Tobias Gottlieb as new trainees at Formenbau Kellermann. Over the next 3.5 years, both will learn everything about the subject of toolmaking. As a family business, training young people is very important to us. That’s why we are again pleased this year to train 2 motivated job starters to become precision engineering technicians. We wish both apprentices a successful start into their working lives and a lot of fun learning.





July 2016

kellermann formenbau hsc600 pThe new HSC machine is now ready for use. The HSC600 from Exeron is a highly dynamic and precision machine, integrated with an automation system for fully automated production. In the future, the graphite electrodes for our tools will be manufactured here. This machine will also be used for superfinishing and hard milling.






February 2016

yt ausbildung feinwerkmechaniker

A documentary film about the apprenticeship trade "precision mechanic in toolmaking".

As a school leaver with the minimum requirement of a “Quali” (the German basic secondary school certificate) you have the opportunity to be trained in our company as a precision mechanic. With this apprenticeship you will obtain a solid basic technical knowledge on which you can build, for example,  through further training to become an engineer, or technical project manager, or as a practical basis for a dual degree. 





November 2015

kellermann formenbau excellence in production 2015

On November 11, the tool making company of the year award for "Excellence in Production" is selected from 295 tool making companies. We congratulate the overall winner: Audi AG tool making!

"Formenbau Kellermann GmbH " is once again placed among the top 20 of the best toolmakers this year. In our category "External toolmaking under 50 employees" we attained a wonderful 5th place.

We are very proud of this placement amidst a high-level field of participants and especially give thanks to our excellent staff for this team effort!




September 2015

kellermann besuch meusburgerOn September 18th we received an insight into the production a works tour from our partner and standard parts manufacturer Meusburger. Meusburger is the market leader in the area of high-precision standard parts. An extensive standard parts program, combined with high-quality products for workshop requirements, makes Meusburger a reliable partner for tool, mould and mechanical engineering. The employees and apprentices of Formenbau Kellermann GmbH were able to see for themselves the efficient production and high quality.





July 2015

kellermann preisverleihung grosser preis des mittelstandes

Happy faces amid glorious summer weather:  On July 16, Formenbau Kellermann GmbH was presented with the certificate for reaching the jury shortlist in the competition “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” or "Grand Prix for Medium- sized Enterprises" by Robert Knitt, on behalf of the host Oskar-Patzelt foundation. District administrator Willibald Gailler as well as the mayor of Postbauer-Heng, Horst Kratzer also congratulated us on our success.

The “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” is considered Germany's most important business award and is awarded to companies from various sectors, which are characterized by the creation of attractive jobs, innovation and outstanding commitment to their region to name a few. For this year's ceremony more than 5,000 enterprises were nominated nationwide, 815 of which reached the jury stage.



June 2015

erste hilfe

In order to create the organizational, material and personnel prerequisites that enable employees to receive necessary first aid for industrial accidents is one of the fundamental tasks of any company.

To guarantee that all employees are always optimally equipped for the proper response in the event of an emergency at our premises, we provided the corresponding refresher on April 9: Nürnberger Land district Bavarian Red Cross ran an 8-hour first aid course for us. 

In addition to general first-aid instructions, typical occupational accidents in mould building (for example, cuts and their correct treatment) were addressed.



April 2015

mb buettFormenbau Kellermann GmbH has gained a Master: on April 24 our employee Christopher Bütterich received his Master Craftsman Certificate at the 2015 championship celebration. He completed this further training alongside of his work. And even after the successful completion of his certification as master, he will remain in the company and will now take on responsibilities in tool design. We congratulate him heartily on his remarkable performance!






April 2015

symposium kellermann

On April 15, Managing Director Sabine Kellermann actively took part in the third symposium of the Werkzeugbau-Instituts Südwestfalen GmbH in Lüdenscheid : at a panel discussion led by various industry experts on the question of the necessity of industrialization in toolmaking construction, she spoke in front of around 80 representatives from both industry and politics about “An example for an advanced toolmaking? Toolmaking on greenfield sites? “

The purpose of the symposium was to promote dialogue and face to face communication in the industry by offering a platform for networking as well as the exchange of information on current developments.




February 2015


A solid educational training is the guarantee for healthy growth and continuous improvement.

Congratulations to our proud trainee on successfully completing his apprenticeship on February 26, 2015. 

He can be pleased about passing the final examination.

We are happy to welcome him as a permanent employee on our workforce!





February 2015

mittelstandOur company has been nominated for the  "Großen Preis des Mittelstandes" for the second time now.

The Oskar Patzelt Foundation Award recognizes companies which, according to the motto "healthy medium-sized enterprises - strong economy - more jobs”, embody a culture of independence, and also aim to promote respect and recognition of entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurial virtues.

On the basis of the competition’sfive criteria, the company is assessed as a whole and also in its role in society.



Aus 295 Werkzeugbau-Unternehmen wird am 11. November im Rahmen von „Excellence in Production“ der Werkzeugbau des Jahres gekürt. Wir gratulieren dem Gesamtsieger: dem Werkzeugbau der Audi AG!

Die „Formenbau Kellermann GmbH“ kann sich auch dieses Jahr wieder unter den Top 20 der besten Werkzeugmacher platzieren. In unserer Kategorie „Externer Werkzeugbau unter 50 Mitarbeiter“ erreichen wir einen großartigen 5. Platz.

Wir sind sehr stolz auf diese Platzierung in einem hochrangigen Teilnehmerfeld und danken vor allem unseren exzellenten Mitarbeitern zu dieser Teamleistung!