Years of experience combined with innovative solutions

At the beginning of every project we conduct a thorough feasibility analysis. In close cooperation with our customers, we look for innovative and cost-effective solutions for a component design suitable for production. At the same time, we always keep an eye on customer-specific specifications and individual wishes. Wall thickness analyses, hotspot observations as well as mold flow analyses help to provide suitable measures in advance, such as special cooling and ventilation in the mold. When designing injection moulds, we attach great importance to process reliability and tool life.


As an intermediate step and as a control instrument in tool design, we simulate the opening and closing movement of the injection tool by means of a motion analysis. Complex component movements can thus be represented and optimized in various dependencies. The video gives you a brief insight.



CAD/CAM/NC-chain with a uniform system

We rely on integrated, modern CAD/CAM systems as well as a high degree of standard elements and automation. This enables us to achieve short development and production times, minimize sources of error and reduce the costs of possible changes. We can easily use your 3D and 2D data as well as drawings and sample parts as a starting point for design. Data exchange with standard market formats is a matter of course.

Our partner in the field of CAD/CAM: