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For us as a production company, sustainability and respectful use of our resources is a very important matter. 


That's why, when creating our office and production building, we made sure to achieve a high level of energy efficiency and to take into account recyclable material streams.


These issues have not only come into our focus since being in public discussion. For more than 10 years, we have already been placing a very high value on the question of energy efficiency when procuring our manufacturing equipment.


But for us, the topic of sustainability is not just energy efficiency and ecological production - it also includes responsibility for the community, especially towards future generations.


In this context, it is important to consider the three dimensions of sustainability - economically efficient, socially just, ecologically viable - on an equal footing.



In recent years, we have already been able to successfully implement these points



We collect all the water that cannot be released directly into the ground because of the built-up area, and let it seep away with a time delay.

We store part of the collected water and use it, in addition to other things, for watering the outdoor facilities, for a wild animal and insect drinking trough and also for flushing our toilets.

In this way, clean drinking water is not wasted here.


Compressed air generation and waste heat recovery

The supply of compressed air is one of the most expensive energies. That's why we only use the latest speed-controlled compressors here, which are highly energy-efficient. But we do not stop here. We use the resulting waste heat through connected heat exchangers and several large heat storage tanks. This is used to generate our hot water and also to heat the entire office building.



Despite our alternative heating methods, we still have to use a minimum of gas for heating. Since 2019, we have been using green gas - 100% of the emissions are offset with the help of a climate protection project.
Nevertheless, we are constantly working on minimizing consumption here.


Sponsorship for Hutanger Project

You can find Heidi at several places in our company. Heid is one of the cows that does landscape maintenance as part of the Hutanger Project. We have been a sponsor since 2013. The Hutanger Project aims to preserve our landscape and habitat diversity through grazing. In contrast to high-yield agricultural land, animals here graze marginal sites. The focus here is not on forage yield, but on the conservation aspect. The cattle perform cost-effective landscape maintenance work.


Reduction of waste volume

By reusing packaging materials and raw materials and consistently separating waste, we have been able to reduce our waste volume by over 50% in recent years. We also reuse the wood from defective pallets through our recycling company.


Conversion to LED lamps for office and production


Filter systems and indoor climate

We also use the waste heat from the machines in the production hall for heating in winter. Here, the warm air is drawn in at the ceiling, filtered and cleaned, and a small amount of fresh air is added. At all controlled machines the air is cleaned by special filter systems. In addition, we have placed plants in the production area; these also contribute to a pleasant indoor climate.


Conversion to organic cleaning systems

Our washing tables for the parts cleaning are operated with an organic cleaner. While these must be heated to 40°C, they are much less hazardous to employees and also have a much lower environmental impact when the waste media is disposed of. Wherever possible, we also use products that are also approved for use in the food sector. These contain fewer toxic substances for bioorganisms.


Regional products

Our customers have a global presence. Therefore, we of course deliver globally and also our base products are not always available just around the corner. Wherever possible, however, we work with local partners. As a family business, this is a key factor for us. The structures that have grown up around our home community are traditionally closely linked to mould making. We are proud of this and we cultivate it.


Volunteer work

Some of our team members are volunteers for the volunteer fire department or the technical relief organization. This work is very significant to us as a community. Of course, as a company we support this.



The training and further education of our junior mould makers is a priority for us. We are therefore actively involved on the examination board and work together with the guild and vocational school on new training content and areas of focus.


Parental leave

Taking care of small children is still a major challenge for many working parents today. Here, too, we support our employees. We offer creative time models, home office jobs where possible, and moral support.


100% Green electricity

We have been working with green electricity since the beginning of 2023 and contribute to climate protection with the associated CO2 savings.

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For the future, we are planning

- Green, breathing wall in the production

- Increasing the energy efficiency of the plants and an intelligent plant control system